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15 kg limit was broken ─ What a whale!

Sportangler Hannu Vesaranta, living in the town of Nokia, met his record zander in early May on a lake in the Tampere Region. Giant zander took his 18 cm long softbait, when he throwed it for seventh time after some attempts with other lures and colours.

On the hot spot the water depth was some 10 meters. Hannus´s live scanning sonar had showed how there was a really big fish swimming 2 meters below the surface. After quite quick and heavy fight the giant zander was ready for a net. Size of the record fish was 15,3 kg and 103 cm. After weighing and photographing zander was released back to water. Hannu´s zander is probably the biggest zander ever caught in Finland with sport fishing tackles. The official Finnish zander record since year 2000 is 14,09 kg.

Lakes of Tampere Region and Häme have been historically the best areas for zander fishing. Every year anglers catch several big zander from the waters of Kokemäenjoki water system. The best time for breaking records seem to be May, a moment before the spawning period.

We will see in the future, how big can the maximum size of zander be as the climate change effects all the time and more frequent warm summers will continue on and on. Zander can live even for 20 years. After late 1990´s there have been several warm summers that have created strong year classes of zander in Finnish lakes.

See Instagram photos of Hannu Vesaranta.

Photo: Hannu Vesaranta.


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