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River Teno fishing permit sales started – during the early season water level will be high

In Lapland there has been a lot of snow in this year − and still is in many places. Spring has been cold and River Teno is still frozen. The highest level of flood will be in early June of before mid-June according to forecasts, which is weeks later than in a normal year.

Online fishing licence sales for season 2020 began yesterday. Most of the boat licences were sold out in first tens of minutes via Finnish webshop. At the moment there are some permits left to Nuorgam and Vetsikko zones. In Norwegian webshop there are still plenty of permits available for the most weeks and zones. Online sales of beach fishing permits will begin on Wednesday, tomorrow. The total rod quota in beach fishing is 11 000; 5 500 rods for Finland and 5 500 rods for Norway. Tomorrow there will be almost 4 000 permits for sale online via Finnish webshop. The rest of the permits (30 %) are sold at the first phase to out-of-town property owners. Later also leftover permits from this quota are available for tourist anglers.

The salmon catch of River Teno was smaller than ever before in 2019, only about 40 tons total. The number of grilse, which is normally the most common catch, was very low. However, many anglers managed to catch a two-sea-year salmon. The proportion of important big salmon, that spend three of four years in the Northern Atlantic before they will return to River Teno, has decreased in past decades. Gratifyingly the number of repeat-spawner salmon has increased. River fishing is regulated by a bilateral agreement between Finland and Norway. Permit quotas and other new regulation were first introduced in 2017, and some new adjustments have been made also for this season. The purpose of regulations is to strengthen the salmon stocks of River Teno.

In addition to salmon, grayling, whitefish, pink salmon and even sea trout may take the fly in River Teno. Pink salmon is an alien species in Atlantic rivers. It is originally a species of the Pacific Ocean and was introduced to Kola Peninsula area during past decades by the Sovjet Union.

Finnish online shop for River Teno fishing permits
Norvegian online shop for River Teno fishing permits

Photo on the top: In the deep thoughts of an angler, who is heading to Northern Lapland in summer, there is always a vision of big Teno salmon. The vision came true for Janne Rautanen last summer in Alaköngäs Rapids (Storfossen) of River Teno. After over an one hour fight, he managed to land a giant salmon of 23,14 kg. Jannes favourite fly was almost ripped of, but luckily it didn`t! (Photo: Eemeli Rautanen)


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