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Lapinkoski Outdoor Activities


Lapinkoski Outdoor Activities
Ranuantie 231
FI-95210 Simo
Телефон: +358503643942


Welcome to Simoriver Lapinkoski fishing and recreation area – Southern Lapland !

Among only a few rivers in North Europe, The Simojoki River has its own unique salmon population, and the river is free flowing without any dams. Considering the size of the river, the size of the salmon population in the river is a quite nice, as thousands of salmon run into the river every year. In addition, the Simojoki River has its own unique grayling population. At the mouth of the river, you can also catch chubby perch and record pikes.

Lapinkoski fishing area starts at a front of you log cabin. Lapinkoski has mild rapids and is wonderfully suitable especially for fly fishermen. As our guest you can enjoy privacy for salmon fishing! We are also located near the popular public salmon and greyling fishing spots which means that you have a plenty of great areas to fish. At our webshop you can also find a professional fishing guide if you wish to know more about the river and Simoriver salmon fishing.

In our log cabins of about 35 square meters you will find beds for max 6 people, a shower, a kitchen corner and all the other amenities of a high-quality accommodation for example air heat/cool pumps in each cabins. During the summer (from June to August) our restaurant Simojoen Lohiranta is serving daily Lapinkoski guests.

For more information of accommodation, guide service, boat rent, fishing courses etc please have a look at www.lapinkoski.fi and webshop https://shop.lapinkoski.fi/en_US

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