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New record vendace 0,634 kg

Record Fish Committee approved three new Finnish fish records: mackerel 0,610 kg, vendace 0,634 kg and fifteen-spined stickleback 14,5 cm.

Mackerel is an occasional fish in the coastal waters of Finland. Mackerel live in salty and warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In Finnish waters they occur typically in autumn. Record mackerel was caught from the waters of Kotka in the Gulf of Finland.

Vendace is a small-sized salmonoid that thrives in the mid-lake areas of major lakes and middle-sized lakes. It is the most significant game species for professional fishermen in inland waters and provides important food for trout, zander and other predatory fish. ”Giant” vendace was caught from Lake Inari in Lapland. Mr. Erno Salonen, researcher of Natural Resources Institute Finland, dated the age of the fish; vendace was only 9 years old, so it had grown very quickly.

An angler caught a fifteen-spined stickleback from the waters of Hanko. Fish of same size (14,5 cm) was caught also in 2008 from the waters of Porvoo.

Last year the Record Committee approved the biggest roach of 21st century that was caught from the waters of Kuusamo in 2019. Big roach was 17 years old.

Finnish record fish of 21st century (in Finnish)

Photo on the top: Record vendace was 39,9 cm long. (Photo: Erno Salonen)


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