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Burbot season is beginning

The fishing season for burbot, the delicacy of mid-winter, is about to begin. Burbot is slowly starting to move towards its spawning areas and anglers are already ready. The ice situation on the waters of Southern Finland is not yet very good.

Burbot spawn in the middle of winter in February. Other that kind of special fish species in Finland is fourhorn sculpin (Triglopsis quadricornis). Similarity for these two species – in addition to same spawning period – is delicious roe of females.

Federation of Finnish Fisheries Association informs that burbots haven´t yet started to move properly. The best season will start after two weeks in the end of January. In the northern parts of the country the best burbot season is in February.

Anglers who are going on ice should be very careful. On the coastal areas there is ice cover only on the bay waters. Also on the big lakes of Southern Finland the ice is still thin.

The safer way to catch burbot during the next few weeks is to buy the fish from a grocery store or from a market hall. The roe of burbot and the blinis are on the menu of gourmets. It is not difficult to cook a burbot soup.

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