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Рыболовные снасти
Рыболовные снасти

Oy Bellamer Ltd / Houseboat


Oy Bellamer Ltd / Houseboat
Suolahdentie 541
FI-44330 Hytölä
Телефон: +358401646168

Услуги: моторные лодки
Способы ловли рыбы: ловля спиннингом, ловля троллингом, ловля удочкой


How would you like to spend summer on a peaceful lake, in the pristine wilderness of Finland?
Freely floating along the waterways, drifting as you may. All while living in the comfort of a first class summer cottage!

Houseboats provide the ideal escape from city traffic and stuffiness, to the freedom and serenity of the Finnish lakes.

Imagine warm summer nights, the midnight sun hovers on the horizon. You can enjoy the silence while listening to the soft sound of waves lapping on the hull of the boat: Or a hot summer day, anchoring off a secluded beach and swimming in the clear, refreshing water.

On a Houseboat you can easily get to great fishing spots, beaches or discover different Finnish villages and towns along the lakes. And wherever you go, your home is always with you. If you get tuckered out from all the fishing and swimming, your own nap corner is waiting for you just two steps away. On a Houseboat there is room to sunbath on the roof, make food in the kitchen and there are two bedrooms for resting.

The sturdy, calm motion of a houseboat is quite different from that of a motorboat. A Houseboat merges with the serenity of a summer day: you disturb no one and no one bothers you. A Houseboat has a low hull, so it is easy to float close to the shore or over shallow passages a motorboat cannot go.

Houseboat are easy to navigate. You do not need special boating skills; we will instruct you on how to use the boat prior to departure. If a problem should occur while you are out on the water, we are always just a phone call or radio-message away. Houseboats are equipped with a Chartplotter to make it easy to navigate the Finnish lakes.

A houseboat is an environmentally friendly way to travel on the Finnish lakes. The vessel uses significantly less fuel than a motorboat.

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