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New record fish ‒ monster cod 29,55 kg

The Record Fish Committee approved four new Finnish fish records: cod 29,55 kg, white bream 0,980 kg, river lamprey (26 cm) and one record of totally new species, eastern tubenose goby (7,2 cm), an invasive alien species that is native to fresh and brackish waters of the basins of the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea.

The 141 cm long record cod is the biggest fish in the list of records. Actually the cod was even heavier than 29,55 kg. They weigh the cod only after it was already cleaned. The monster cod was caught in May during the fisheries research project run by Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Government of Åland.

27,4 kg salmon caught from Gulf of Bothnia is the second biggest Finnish fish of 21st century.

The Record Fish Committee made a historical decision in its last meeting and opened totally new series for the fish that will be released back to water alive. In these series anglers will measure only the lenght of the fish. New series and minimum lenghts of fish to be reported: perch 50 cm, grayling 58 cm, carp 90 cm, zander 100 cm and pike 120 cm.

Finnish record fish of 21st century

Photo on the top: The record cod. (Photo: Patrik Lundin, Ålands landskapsregering)


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