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Angling season is on

Angling with a hook and a line is the most popular fishing method in Finland. There are almost 900 000 citizens who go on an angling trip at least one time per year. You can find potential angling spots both near the shores and above the shallows of open water areas. The best water depth varies depending on the water system and what species you are after.

In late summer big perch may be already in a few meter depth and you can go after them by boat. Angling from the shore is also potential way. Some deep shores, e.g. shores of some straits may be really good places. When you are monitoring surface waters, you may see big perch going after bleak shoals.

An echo sounder is for a good help when searching for shoals of perch. Along with a hook and a line jigging with a ice-fishing rod and jigs are efficient angling tackle in late summer and early autumn. Late summer perch are strong and wild so it is wise to use stonger line than in winter. When hungry perch shoal is under the boat, your jig won`t reach the bottom before there is already a new catch in the end of the line.

Shallow and eutrophic bay waters and small lakes and ponds are good spots to go after cyprinids. Pro anglers use long and light rods that may be really expensive. They have special nets and fishing chairs and they feed the fish before fishing starts. Carp, tench, bream, roach and other cyprinids are coarse fish species to go after. A big carp that may weigh several kilos is a hard fighter. An angler needs some skills to tame it properly.

Photo: A nice bream took a bait and a small hook. Photo: Ismo Kolari


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