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7 kilo artic char broke the record

Record Fish Committee has approved four new Finnish fish records: artic char 7,04 kg, dace 0,21 kg, rudd 1,244 kg and longspined bullhead 16,0 cm.

Arctic char is the northernmost fresh water fish. Arctic char are mostly found in the mountain lakes and rivers of northernmost Lapland and in Lakes Inarijärvi and Kilpisjärvi. The record arctic char was 89 cm long and it was caught in Lake Kilpisjärvi, which is located in the Arm of Finland on the border of Finland and Sweden.

The record dace was caught by an angler in River Kymijoki and the record rudd from the waters of Åland. Researchers got the biggest longspined bullhead of 21st century while they were test fishing in Helsinki.

Artic char ‒

Photo on the top: In Lake Kilpisjärvi the minimum size of artic char is 60 cm. If you catch a half meter long char in winter, you must release it back to the ice fishing hole. (Photo: Ismo Kolari)


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