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Abundant salmon run and record water temperatures

Ongoing summer of 2021 will be remembered from record-breaking water temperatures, heavy storms that took down lots of trees and heavy salmon run in Lapland. Summer has offered again enjoyable fishing moments for hundreds of thousands of anglers. Because of heat some Finnish rivers were closed for a couple of weeks in July.

New temperature records
Waters of Finnish lakes warmed up quickly over 20 degrees in June. Month was the warmest June of statistical history e. g. in Tampere latitude. Several storms in the second half of June mixed and cooled surface waters for a moment. Because of constant period of warm and sunny days layers of warm waters went deeper and deeper and swimmers enjoyed.

People celebrated or suffered – depending on person – during the first half of July when thermometers showed afternoon temperatures of 30–34 degrees centigrate. In the middle of July water temperatures reached top levels of 25–27 degrees in Southern and Central Finland. For instance on Lake Saimaa a new water tempereture record, 26,3 degrees, was observed. Also sea waters warmed up on the coastal areas.

Warm waters guarantee reproduction of zander and other species
For juvelines of warm water species this kind of summers are really good. Anglers will see the results after some years, when year classes of 2021 have grown big enough for catch size.

Photo: Ismo Kolari 
Zander thrive in warm water. There is a good fishing season going on right now.
Zander thrive in warm water. There is a good fishing season going on right now.

Trolling for zander has been really successful. Fish thrive on surface waters and bite eagerly plugs and other lures. In many lakes best time for trolling zander is the evening time just before sunset. A peak feeding period may be short but anxious. Also perch has bitten lures eagerly on shallow waters. Next weeks will be fine time for perch fishing. You may find perch shoals on the rocky areas where water depth varies from 3 to 8 meters.

Over 80 000 salmon migrated to River Tornionjoki from the Baltic Sea
The figure is the third biggest since the observation started. In years 2014 and 2016 about 100 000 salmon passed by the Kattilakoski Rapids spot where DIDSON echo sounder, maintained by Natural Resources Institute Finland, is located. River fishing in this season has been good exluding the warm water period in the first half of July. Salmon catch statistics of June and July include reports about 2 500 salmon in Finnish side of Rivers Tornionjoki and Muonionjoki. In June and July of 2020 there were only 1 500 reported salmon in the same statistic.

On River Teno salmon fishing was totally closed this summer. In Polmak on the Norwegian side of the river there is an echo sounder station that counts fish that migrate to river. So far 65 000 fish has passed by the echo sounder. The number is much higher than in last years, but Natural Resources Institute Finland has estimated tentatively that about 40 000 of them were pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha). In July the number of 45 – 65 cm long fish was exceptionally high. Probably majority of them were pink salmon.

Heavy pink salmon run has occured also in many other rivers of Finnmark. For instance on River Vestre Jakobselv local anglers had caught some 5 000 pink salmon already by the middle of July. There is research and planning going on how to deal with this alien species. In the future there probably will be some intensive programmes and actions to make sure that this Pacific stranger won`t threaten the native stocks of Atlantic salmon.

More information:
Pink Salmon – NatureGate.
Monitoring of salmon runs in River Tornionjoki and Simojoki – Natural Resources Institute Finland.

Photo on the top: Salmon bite a plug on River Muonionjoki in early July just before waters warmed up too much. (Photo: Ismo Kolari)


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