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69 149 salmon ran up the river Tornionjoki last summer

As a basis for salmon population management and fishing regulation, information is needed on the numbers of salmon ascending to rivers to spawn and the timing of their spawning run. The Natural Resources Institute of Finland monitors the salmon runs on River Tornionjoki and Simojoki every year from the end of May until the end of August. During the monitoring period of summer 2020, 69 149 salmon passed the monitoring site near the Kattilankoski Rapids of River Tornionjoki.

The River Tornio (Tornionjoki in Finnish, Torneälven in Swedish) is one of the most important spawning grounds of Atlantic salmon in the world. Big river produces a catch of between 50,000 and 80,000 fish per year, the majority of which are still caught by the sea fisheries and between 10,000 and 20,000 are caught in the river itself.

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Photo on the top: A ten kilo salmon caught in the middle of summer night bring lot of joy. (Photo: Ismo Kolari)


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