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Big lakes of Southern Finland froze − finally

Due to a historically mild winter, ice fishing activity has been almost on zero level in this winter in Southern Finland. Only small lakes were frozen during some few colder nights and days of last months. There where no ice cover on the open water areas of big lakes until few last days.

For instance Lake Näsijärvi, which is 16th biggest lake in Finland, froze for the first time on February 7, which is the latest freeze date during the last 174 years statistical period. And just after a few days, the open water areas of lake Näsijärvi were iceless again. On this weeks Tuesday air temperature started to fall finally and properly to minus degrees and thin layer of ice started to appear on the surface of the Näsiselkä area of Lake Näsijärvi.
Ice period will be short and quite soon anglers will get ready to start the open water fishing season.

Photo on the top: Lights of sun set were colouring the mirrow clear ice of Näsiselkä open water area, that was frozen during last 24 hours for the second time on February 26. (Photo: Ismo Kolari)


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