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Seppo Pönni – the new world champion of coarse angling 2019

Finnish angler Seppo Pönni brought home the historical first gold medal from South Africa. Seppo won the Masters Coarse Angling Championship 2019 in River Vaal, Vereeniging. This kind of success if something unique and exceptional for Finland. In addition to this victory, Finnish angling team has reached podium only once before. That happened in France in 2017, when Team Colmic from Lempäälä took the silver medal. Seppo Pönni was part of that team, too.

Results of the Championship (Fédération Internationale de Pêche Sportive)

Story of the winner by Ismo Malin (in Finnish) + photos and videos from South Africa.

Photo on the top: Seppo Pönni teaching techniques of coarse angling to fishing guides on Lake Iidesjärvi (Tampere) in 2011. (Photo: Ismo Kolari)


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