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Peak season for zander is now on – also other species bite lures

Zander anglers have got good results lately. Both jigging and trolling have been successful on the lakes of Southern and Central Finland. Early summer was difficult time for anglers who were trying their luck by trolling. Zander did not bite well from the surface waters that were rather cold because of low air temperature of June and July. For instance in many trolling competitions nobody brought big zander catches to shore.

During last weeks temperature of surface water has rised to 20 degrees centigrate. Thanks to warmer weather zander has started to bite wobblers of trollers eagerly.

Mr. Mikko Ollila, professional fishing guide of Vaparetket, mentiones, that zander season has been pretty good and much better than last summer, which was extremely warm. On Lake Rautavesi in Sastamala, where Ollila mainly operates, medium size of zander has been bigger than last year and fishing has been good during the whole summer. Some of his guests have been happy to tame sizeable zander and asp with rod and line. Stock of smelt, which is an important food for game species, is now strong and jigging for perch has been great fun during many days.

Photo: Ismo Kolari 
There are plenty of nice and hungry perch on Lake Rautavesi.
There are plenty of nice and hungry perch on Lake Rautavesi.

On Lake Paasselkä, which is located in the northern part of Lake Saimaa water system, operates other fishing guide enterprise, Old School Trolling, which is run by Mr. Jari Käyhkö. Käyhkö says that August weather has changed quickly from nice sunny days to cloudy and rainy periods. Käyhkö exposes some news and feelings of one of his guest groups:

”Our guests that are staying in our cottage have been fishing independently on the nearby waters of the accommodation site. We have also enjoyed together from nice and warm summer days by fishing together. During a full fishing day we had a restless break by the campfire, cooked some coffee and made some food. The lady of the family picked some mushrooms and blueberries during the break. Our guests were fond of jigging and during their two-week holiday and they have used constantly the boat equipment that belongs to the cottage. Numerous pikes, over a half kilo perches and of course zanders that activated in the evening formed the catch of our splendid shared fishing day.”

Photo on the top: Jari Käyhkö.


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