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Finnish Fishing Travel Company 2015 -competition is announced. The first prize 3 000 euros!

Finnish Fishing Innovation Center Association (KAAOS) with its partners want to develop fishing travel industry in Finland. They invite all persons interested in fishing tourism to take part of Finnish Fishing Travel Company 2015 –competition. Competition is open for all who are interested in the matter; private persons (must be at least 18 years of age), groups, enterprises, companies and associations can all take part. The winner, who shows exemplary activity, will be awarded the prize of EUR 3.000, donated by Visit Finland. Every participant can apply the prize for himself or can suggest someone else to be awarded. One can make several suggestions.

The main goal of the competition is to seek and reward fishing travel enterprises who show, have or carry out EXCEPTIONALLY innovative and developing skills and marketing, sustainable development concerning environmental and quality standards, programme and service supply, visibility in media, multilingual skills or general business idea. With their example we can add the attractiveness of Finland as a fishing travel destination and help forward fishing as a hobby also in the wider scale.

Electronic form and more information (in Finnish) at:

Photo above: Eumer Fishing Center.


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