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Hotelli Kainuu


Hotelli Kainuu
Kainuuntie 84
FI-88900 Kuhmo
Tel.: +35886551711
Other services: guided fishing trips
Fishing methods: fly-fishing, jigging, spinning
Game species: brown trout, grayling, ide, pike, rainbow trout, zander

In terms of volume, the rapids at Pajakkakoski are the largest of their kind in Kainuu. Just a short walk away from the hotel, the rapids are an important migration route for fish and were chosen by the Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing as the best local fishing spot in 2017. To protect our local fish stocks, fishing here is carried out in line with sustainable principles. To this end, only catch & release is allowed at Akonkoski rapids.

Kuhmo, home to more than one hundred rapids and vast tracts of untouched taiga forest, is the ideal destination for fly and lure fishing. Our nearest rapids at Pajakkakoski are just a short 10-minute walk away, while the next set of rapids that also provide bounteous fishing opportunities are less then 10 kilometres away.

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