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Old School Trolling


Old School Trolling
Tornimäenkatu 2
FI-33560 Tampere
Tel.: +358 400 523 819
Fishing methods: angling, ice-fishing, jigging, spinning, trolling
Game species: brown trout, burbot, grayling, landlocked salmon, perch, pike, rainbow trout, roach, zander

Have a memorable fishing holiday on Lake Saimaa: enjoy the unique nature with our fishing services, quality accommodation and additional services!

Old School Trolling organizes fishing trips on the northern parts of Lake Saimaa in Eastern Finland all year round. Our fishing and boat trips are suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages, for experienced fishermen as well as beginners, for business events, families with children and couples.

Fishing Cottage Jokiniemi on Lake Saimaa

The Fishing Cottage of Old School Trolling is best suited and especially equipped for sports fishermen groups of 4 people, families or couples. The pond and river waters right next to the cottage are good for independent angling and spinning and the actual Lake Saimaa areas near the cottage are great for spinning and trolling. If you’d like to do independent fishing, the cottage has two fishing equipped boats with outboard engines for that purpose.

Boating and Fishing Trip for the Whole Family on Lake Saimaa

Welcome to our combined boating and fishing trip on Lake Saimaa. The trip is a great way to get acquainted with the Lake Saimaa nature and its wonderful views with a big and safe boat, spend some time fishing with your children and enjoy a relaxingly long lunch break on a small island.

Spinning and trolling trips

We offer our guests spinning and trolling trips to the fishing waters near the cottage as well as to the bigger open water areas of Lake Saimaa – they are the best way for you to learn the finest fishing spots, lures and the most reliable techniques. We will fish walleye (zander), pike or perch with spoons and spinners as well as by softbaits and wobblers.

Trolling Trip for Salmon and Trout on Lake Saimaa

Our trolling trip on the fish-filled waters of Lake Saimaa is suitable for adults and older children. We will fish landlocked salmon and brown trout with special wobblers with only one triple hook. In the name of sustainable fishing, we only keep the salmon and trout that have had their adipose fin cut off. We will release back into the water all salmon and trout that have the adipose fin or are smaller than 61 cm. We also have a catch quota of 2 fish / day / trip. The trip leaves from Savonranta, takes 4 to 8 hours according to your wishes and is available October – November.

Packed Picnics and Picnic Lunches

1) Having lunch on the boat. Includes packed lunch and coffee and tea in thermos flasks.

2) Having lunch around an open fire. Includes packed lunch as well as coffee, tea and sausages cooked on the open fire.

3) Longer lunch around an open fire. Includes packed lunch as well as coffee, tea, sausages and vendace (local small and tasty fish) cooked on the open fire. For dessert we will make pancakes with jam.

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Guided fishing trips and tours


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