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Rantakatintie 24
FI-58450 Punkaharju/Finland
Tel.: +358 15644400
Other services: guided fishing trips, motor boats, rowing boats
Fishing methods: angling, ice-fishing, other methods, spinning, trolling
Game species: bream, brown trout, ide, perch, pike, roach, zander

Welcome to Mannila Farm in Punkaharju!

…as we bike to grandma's place; you steer and I pedal…
This is how an old Finnish song goes.
If grandma doesn’t live on a family farm any more, ride your bicycle to Mannila Farm instead. Although nowadays, most people arrive on four wheels.

Whether you arrive on two or four wheels, it does not matter. The expectations are as high as they were before, or maybe even higher. You can choose between a red-painted cottage and a contemporary hotel room with a shower, or between old fashioned hook-and-line and a modern fishing rod.

It used to be about grandma’s rhubarb cobbler. Now it’s about a rustic home cooked breakfast. It used to be about meeting your relatives during the harvest season. Now it's about enjoying the summer, meeting nice people and making new friends. Not to mention the horses and other farm animals.

Just as in the olden days, here on Mannila Farm you can smell the freshly cut grass and hear the distant bleating of sheep. You’re greeted by the homey clucking of the hen and the cock-a-doodle-doos of the rooster.

Mannila Farm provides accommodations that appeal to all styles and budgets. The options vary from standard hotel rooms to rustic cottage lodgings. We also have a Caravan Park and a campground. You are even welcome to sleep under an apple tree gazing at the stars and the light summer night sky if you wish.

The room prices include a hearty home cooked breakfast guaranteed to taste delicious. Here on Mannila Farm you and your family will find a whole array of things to see and experience, whether you decide to stay for a week or two or even longer.

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